Punjab National Bank Special Scheme for Women, this is a great offer to buy two-wheeler


Punjab National Bank (PNB), the second biggest bank in the nation, has attracted a special offer PNB Power Ride Scheme (PNB Power Ride) for ladies. In this, the bank is also offering to fund girls with really low monthly income to buy bicycles, scooters and mopeds.

New Delhi: Punjab National Bank (PNB), the 2nd biggest bank in the country, has brought a particular offer PNB Power Ride Scheme (PNB Power Ride) for women. In this, the bank is also offering to finance women with really low monthly income to buy bikes, scooters and mopeds. According to the information provided on the official website of the bank, if a girl earns only a minimum of Rs 8000 a month or receives a salary, then she can readily purchase a scooter or bike. PNB can help them in this.

Who can apply

Your job was done for at least six months. If you’re a self-employed then you should have a minumum of one year experience. If a student, she is able to create parents co-applicant. Keep in mind one thing that you should to over 18 years of age and maximum 65 years and have a valid driving permit.

How much income should there be

If your monthly income is less than 8000 rupees then you can take advantage of this offer. For this, you need to give the latest three month salary slip and copy of last year’s Form 16 or ITR. If you are a self-employed, then the ITR copy of the previous year will have to be given to the bank.

How much loan

Punjab National Bank will have the ability to finance a maximum of Rs 60000 inside this offer. But this number will be as per the requirement. There’ll be a 10 percent margin of the purchase price of the showroom. Keep in mind that you have to finish the loan repayment at no more than 36 months.

These charges have to be paid for the loan

Under this finance deal, the bank charges you a predetermined rate of interest, processing charges, documentation fees and other fees according to your loan. If you once decide that you have to purchase a bike or scooter through this PNB finance scheme- PNB Power Ride Scheme, you then go to a closest PNB branch and get the information in the bank officer in particulars and charge the fee Do know it well.


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