Today’s Updates Yeh Hai Chahatein 4-8-2020 Written Info


If you’re a lover of Ye hai Chahtein this guide will make you feel over the skies. Because in this article you will be able to know every brand new gossip about the series in addition to about your favorite character read this informative article till the end you’ll get some more interesting. But before beginning we’d like to tell you a short brief about the show. Ye Hai Chahtein is an Indian Drama Television series produced by Ekta Kapoor for star plus.

In today’s show, you will see that Prisha is searching for Saransh to making him sleep, but if she enters the room she sees Rudraksh performing rehearsals and Saransh loving, Rudra sings will you marry me… with this Prisha smiles and states Saransh to come together with her sleep but Saransh asks Rudra to sleep and come along with him tonight, Saransh makes her mother (Prisha) recall that when the very first time they met Rudra was singing the same tune and encourages her to dance.

Following a Lil moment of pleasure, Prisha says to Saransh to sleep and come with her but Saransh denies and says he would like to sleep Rudra and he will not go with her about which Prisha says that don’t be stubborn but if he doesn’t agree with her, soon Prisha allowed him to sleep Rudra and also says to Rudra when Saransh will sleep Rudra must deliver Saransh to her chamber and Rudra make her realize that he must get Saransh for her chamber once Saransh Sleep, but until then please leave him so that he can be happy and I got company as well said”Rudra.

Prisha believes that why Saransh is fearful and the other thing Prisha thinks that should Saransh sleeps with Rudra must make his bed moist, Therefore Prisha Forces both says she will take him after a time. But Regrettably, she slept, and in the morning when she wakes up she sees Saransh is not in her bed when she gets worried about Saransh and she belongs to Rudra’s space to check is Saransh made his bed wet or not.

She Awakes at 5 in the morning and sees that Saransh isn’t with her, she gets worried and she runs towards Rudra’s room to check but after attaining his chamber Prisha Sees that Saransh and Rudra both are sleeping together and Saransh didn’t make Rudra’s bed moist. When she moves his room to check, abruptly he wakes up and claims Prisha she Scared him but Prisha appears to be miserable and worried about something, therefore, she says to Rudra that she wishes to tell him as usual she had been going to start suddenly Balraj enters in his space and enjoys him for the song.

Prisha gets a call in the hospital and she has to learn about a woman who is pregnant and also Covid19 Positive, the nurse who called Prisha informs that the delivery needs to be performed at any price but the hospital authority has denied by saying they won’t take the risk simply because of a one-person.

Prisha claims that she will talk to the H.O.D of the hospital and will acknowledge in the same. She tries to go out however Balraj denies by stating that they won’t take the risk because earlier Saransh came in the hospital, therefore, she responded what should physicians denied as you all are doing each doctor has his or her family it does not indicate they will not come and do their job, she has to go and delivery has to be done at any cost. But she goes hospital talk to the doctors but HOD denies by stating we will not take the danger of all just due to a single individual. The episodes end with this excitement suspense and for that, you will have to watch the show. And we’ll update you shortly till than stay tuned


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